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Advanced Infrastructure

Design, Deployment, and Best Practices

The right technology infrastructure plays a critical role in any business achieving its full potential. From the deployment of a new operating system, to the implementation of a corporate-wide ERP application, we can make sure your infrastructure project goes smoothly and delivers the maximum value for your business.

Windows Core Components

The .NET Framework, Internet Explorer, MDAC, WinHTTP; The Windows Platform contains dozens of key middleware components that your applications are completely dependent on. Any variation in these components or their configuration can break your applications, but you find that every machine is different, and every install changes things. How do you keep a handle on it all?

We can help you bring it all under control and provide a consistent, correct and up-to-date environment to build, test, and deploy your applications on. Changes are carefully managed, issues are addressed proactively, and costs are contained. All the while, your developers can utilize the latest and best technology available from Microsoft.

Packaging and Deployment

Building a high quality installation package can be hard. Following it up with a trouble free deployment can be even harder. We can help you build high quality, Best Practice installations, and then work with you to ensure your application rollout happens quickly and smoothly.

Whether it's Microsoft Office on the desktop, Microsoft Exchange on your servers, or your latest and greatest home-grown application, we can help you deploy it quickly and reliably.

Hardware Virtualization

VMWare and Microsoft Virtual products provide incredible opportunities to reduce costs and improve quality. Virtualization allows us to take a single physical machine and partition it into many virtual machines; every one of which can be suspended, saved, and shared. Let us help you utilize virtualization to:

  • Streamline Development and Testing
  • Improve test quality.
  • Reduce hardware costs.

Enterprise Web Hosting

We can help you leverage Windows 2008 and IIS7 to host all your applications on an enterprise-grade, consolidated web farm. Through a mix of application standards and configuration best practices, we can help you achieve a robust, high-performance, and highly available web server environment.

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